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Your generous contributions support a number of critical programs and services provided at FCAB.

Conference & Retreat Facility
FCAB continues its legacy of justice, advocacy and leadership development at its 243 acre facility, but requires significant resources to maintain its historic land and buildings which hosts over 10,000 families, faith-based organizations, nonprofits, government and educational organizations each year; hosts immersion experiences for over 240 youths; and provides local high school students with experiential education opportunities.

The Just Food Project 
FCAB is located in the second largest food desert in the United States, with more than 25% of the population living in poverty. FCAB directly meets needs through a 5-acre fruit, vegetable, and herb garden and over 30 fruit trees which provide fresh produce to over 1,000 low-wealth families a year.

Just Food Small Farmer's Support Project
The Project seeks to increase awareness and education on food and farm issues, support policies that foster a stronger and thriving local food system and conducts workshops for small local farmers to enhance the viability, vitality, and sustainability of their farms. 

The Bricks Healthy Lifestyles Project 
The Project supports a comprehensive approach to community health, environmental education, social justice, and economic development in a community where the average per capita income is $13,000 and health outcomes here are among the poorest in the state. FCAB provides a number of health, nutrition and exercise programs that increase knowledge about how personal choices affect health, the environment, the community and the future.

Museum & Welcome Center
The Center, is in the planning stages of redeveloping a former Teacher's cottage, built circa 1895 into a Museum and Welcome Center that will preserve and showcase over 150 years of artifacts, archives, and photographs that will educate and engage current and future generations.

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